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"I can highly recommend swimming lessons with Patrawadee, my daughter has been having one to one lessons for the last 3 terms and the improvement in her swimming is amazing.  She really loves the lessons and can't wait to go each week and her technique in all different strokes is coming along well.  She can now swim a full length of the pool unaided in just a few months"
Keir Howe




"My daughter had been taking swim lessons through another club since she was a baby and had reached quite a good standard. However she started to lose confidence, was clingy in the water and was no longer enjoing her lessons. After a break we enrolled her in lessons (just before her 4th birthday) with Patrawadee, where for the first time she had to take lessons on her own without a parent in the pool with her. From day one, she absolutely loved Patrawadee and the lesson. She has thrived, is bursting with confidence in the water and always looks forward to her lessons where she has also made new friends. I would highly recommend Patrawadee's swim school"

"As reasonably confident adult swimmer I had never considered swimming lessons until I saw Pat teaching at DW Fitness. I'm so glad I took the plunge and had a lesson with her; she's made my strokes stronger and me more confident in the water. You're never too old to learn or improve, I'd thoroughly recommend to take a lesson with Pat, no matter what your level, to see just what you can achieve!"
Kirsty W


"My son started lessons with Pat around 4 years ago on a 121 basis.  The improvement compared to other lessons we had tried was amazing.  He moved to group lessons around 18 months ago and now has complete confidence in the water.  He has always found the lessons fun and is now a fantastic swimmer.  Thanks Pat for all your hard work and getting him to this stage."


"I recently booked a lesson with pattrawadee, and would highly recommend. I' am a 26 year old adult and always been confident and keen swimmer, but in recent months felt like I could benefit from a refresher lesson, which was absolutely worth it, as my technique is a lot stronger which means I' am making the most of my time in the pool.
Thanks again Pat!"
Jamie lee

Dear Pat,

Thank you Thank you Thank you for working your magic with Ben and transforming his splish splash into smooth speedo swimming in the blink of an eye.  His confidence and enjoyment have gone through the roof and he has adored being taught by you.  Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all good things in 2017.

Anna, Bill and Ben. x

I came to Pat for lessons to improve my swimming technique. She shared her knowledge of swimming techniques with patience and in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply. I have learnt so much in a short space of time and have found a type of fitness that I really enjoy. All thanks to Pat’s professionalism and unwavering encouragement. 


I also wanted to say a huge thank you for your teaching so far.  We noticed an enormous difference in Tom’s confidence in Florida this year.  We thoroughly enjoyed the water parks on a couple of occasions as a family, going on rides he’d not previously have tried.  He absolutely loved them and it’s because of his increased confidence in his abilities. 


His actual swimming in the hotel pool was fantastic – I watched lots of other kids wading through the water splashing around.  Every time Tom was in the water, he swam and his technique seemed excellent – he never put his feet down and walked to his sister, cousins, ourselves, he always swam properly.  I watched him a couple of times swim from end to end of the pool whilst sitting on the side – don’t worry, he was never in danger and always in reach of one of us, but he never needed it as he was swimming so well himself!


A huge thanks from Alan and myself,


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